Counselling for parents and children

Image by Tammy Cuff from Pixabay

The parent/child relationship is a vital ingredient in everyone’s mental and emotional wellbeing. We learn to regulate our emotions in relationship with our parents. Childhood anxiety can be contained within the family relationship but if it is not it may develop into long-term adult mental health issues.

Issues of Neurodiversity (autism dyslexia OCD ADHD etc) challenge the parent/child relationship but with self-awareness a parent can learn to come alongside their child and support them in recognising and developing their unique identity

I work with children in schools often because there is a crisis in the child’s behaviour in relation to the school or in the family. My preference is to work with families before these crises occur. After an initial 30 minute free telephone call with a parent I will work with children one to one on an open ended basis. These sessions are confidential and my focus is to support the child in all the issues surrounding them.

Whatever issues you or your child are experiencing we can collaborate to develop your relationship so you work through things as a family and everyone benefits.

I offer a free 30 min telephone conversation and charge £40 for 50-minute sessions face to face, via video or telephone.

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