Walk like a child

Discover the freedom you have always had.

John Walter ⭐Feb 13 · 3 min read [First published in Live Your Life On Purpose – Medium]

I was standing in a car park, drinking my morning cup of coffee when cars started arriving, and children and parents began to spill out all around me. Next to my van was the entrance to a pathway leading to a school.

I stood and watched as the chaotic parade began. I became fascinated by the walking styles displayed. Later I tried them out for myself in a secluded corner of the local park.

Watch some children. Copy their walk and experience the freedom they inhabit.

Children walking

Each child walked past me, expressing their whole being through their walk.

Child walking #1

First up was a child around nine years old — almost running — looking like they had an invisible thread attached to their belly button, drawing them forward. The arms and legs seemed to be flapping wildly like a rag doll. The solar plexus was leading, the rest of the body and mind drawn along by its power.

Child walking #2

The eyes led this child. From side to side searching the path for anything of interest. Stamping on a leaf, kicking aside a branch. Arms uninvolved, automatically adjusting their position for balance.

Child walking #3

Across the entrance to the path were painted parallel lines. The legs were leading. In each pace, there was a determination to stretch the stride the full width of the tracks. For ten paces, nothing else mattered but achieving that goal. Then, task completed, they trotted off on a new mission.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

Walk like a child

How we walk affects our whole being. I spent 20 minutes trying out each style and a few others. As I walked a new way, my entire mood changed.

I was aware that I could let go and feel my being respond.

Some walks felt like conscious acts led by the mind. Others seemed focused on the heart. Overall it felt like a different chakra center was in charge of each.

A child is responding to its environment in every moment. There is a play between mind, body, spirit, and emotions. They are not following long engrained patterns. There is little awareness of how they look to others.

For a few minutes, I felt the freedom of my inner child. Allowing that freedom to come through for a few minutes energized me and carried me through the day.

Maybe on a day when you feel weighed down by all your worldly concerns you could change your walk. Who knows what else might change as a result.

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